CloseWatch COVID19 gives government a unique customer service/support model, providing services and information to the public during the COVID19 pandemic. Our advanced solution supplements 311 and police nonemergency services to create a greatly enhanced citizen customer experience.  

The CloseWatch COVID19 app allows citizens to anonymously report concerns to law enforcement and healthcare authorities and chat with them in real-time. Authorities can inform citizens with content rich emergency and informational alerts. 

Key differences from other chat-based services are: 

  • True anonymity is respected. 
  • App users can add additional chat info to previously reported incidents. 
  • Dashboard users can contact the app user remotely after the initial report is made, while the app user remains anonymous.  
  • Push Notifications from the dashboard can alert large numbers of users simultaneously.  
  • Data collected via the app is exported to any database required.  
  • Multi-language support for dashboard users to chat with citizens.  
  • Support of video sharing. 
  • Audio File submissions from App users 
  • Translation of audio files to text. 

Our software is branded to the individual government agency it represents instilling confidence in the citizen user that their information is going to the right place at the right time.