CloseWatch Command provides operational oversight and situational awareness for senior level, emergency management decision makers. This solution is configured for fusion centers and companies that need to manage multiple locations with advanced routing and dispatching capabilities.

CloseWatch Command functions like a call center for data. There are roles for supervisors and data admins with shift management and incident assignments. It was built to triage and then assign incidents to different locations using the CloseWatch Field software.

Some of the advanced features include the following:

Two-way chat
This feature can be anonymous if needed and it allows for real-time communication with mobile app users anywhere in the world.

Incident Reporting
Any data can be sent to our console including text, media, and files.

GPS & Location Information
Any location information needed including coordinates, altitude, speed, and street view where available.


CloseWatch Field Assignment
The ability to assign and monitor incidents sent to different locations using our CloseWatch Field Software.

Internal Chat
This allows for inter-company/agency communications linked to a single incident.

Fraud Response
The ability to track and label fraudulent submissions with the ability to block users on certain deployments.

Data Analytics

The ability to visually analyze all data based on any criteria that is needed. Exporting of reports and automation are also included.

Admin Console

Full ability to add, manage, suspend, change privileges and track users and their actions through the system. Shift management functions are also auditable and include the ability to handle scheduling of team members.

Single Location Incident Data

To learn what is needed to receive incident data
at single locations please check out our 
CloseWatch Field solution.