CloseWatch Industrial Dashboard

The CloseWatch Industrial dashboard is a powerful, cloud-based, EHS/HSE command and control system. It enables companies to capture and distribute critical, real-time environmental, health, safety and equipment data direct from their frontline employees anywhere in the world using any of our FirstHand Safety series mobile apps.


The CloseWatch Industrial dashboard is:

  • Global in scope and receives information from the field in real-time.
  • Capable of immediate collection and automated distribution of critical data.
  • Tracks responsibility and response to issues.
  • Translates received and transmitted data into over 100 languages for world-wide operations.
  • Fully integrated into Microsoft 365.
  • Open API allows for data sharing with other company databases.


Some of the advanced features include:

Report Functions

Create easy to follow bar and pie charts by:

  • Date range
  • Observation type
  • Current status
  • Responsibility chain
  • Work activity
  • Location 
  • Monitor equipment Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC)

Easily generate your Job Safety/Hazard Analysis reports that customers require:

  • Who responded?
  • What was the cause?
  • Where did it take place?
  • When was it corrected?
  • How effective was your team?

Analysis Functions

  • Create geo-fencing around specific locations so you can quickly notify all employees with direct, real-time alerts during an environmental hazard, safety risks, or simple informational updates such as HR changes.
  • Compare two or more similar incidents from any location side by side to help detect patterns and pinpoint the causes of any problem.
  • Search your database quickly and easily by:
    • Similar incident types
    • Employee submitter
    • Date range
    • Work activity
    • A specific location or multiple locations
  • The server exploits Amazon S-3 for data storage to handle large amounts of video and other high-resolution media.

Communications Functions

  • Seamless communication with employees in real-time with direct, two-way messaging including media sharing.
  • Communicate with field workers in any of 108 different languages in real time.
  • Instantly receive sms notifications or email copies of observations on your phone.
  • Schedule PDF or CSV reports for automatic distribution to appropriate decision makers and planners.
  • Connect observations, incidents, and reports to Microsoft Teams channels.

    Administrative Functions

    • Control app reporting functionality by employee job role.
    • Employee location, status, job role assignments are managed by employee records making user management a breeze.
    • Add notes, comments, document, and even media files to any observation case file.
    • Quickly monitor case file history of users activities and any changes made, including versioning.
    • Export digital data collected to existing corporate paper forms.
    • Input paper observation cards into the digital database for common record sharing in the dashboard, or will other reporting and analytic resources.