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Smarter Communication, Stronger Companies

Your Competitive Edge is Forged with Real-Time Data

Knowledge is Powerful

Make critical decisions with total confidence.

Drive ideas directly to the C-Suite, from every corner of your company.

Listen as employees, without fear, report situations hurting your bottom line, without fear.

Give every department a tool for communicating critical information directly to the top, with the simplicity of a mobile app.

The Zeteky Corporate Technology Platform helps you run the most efficient, innovative and secure organization possible. Through the use of custom corporate apps, our enterprise solution can report and capture critical data across your company and around the world.


Cut Through The Clutter

The average person gets 100+ emails everyday. Mission critical data can get lost in that clutter. That amount of noise is bad for business.

Bypass the clutter with a two-way notification technology designed to deliver real-time data and messages directly to mobile devices across your company, around the world.

 Tiered data access allows management to view department or level-specific data related to their department or level of management. Pass Information between departments and alert multiple management levels at one time for fast results. Keep your company accountable with automatically logged dashboard activity.

Custom Apps For Your Company’s Closed-System

Track, report and communicate any metric that affects your bottom line or performance. The possibilities are endless.

How will this level of situational awareness enhance your edge?

Safety and Security: Report theft, suspicious activity, assault, drug use or possession, weapons possession, site security breaches, safety concerns, hazardous situations, prevent injuries and send urgent weather or security alerts to employees.

Report equipment failure, send a maintenance request, manage a fleet, track inventory and supplies, or report contamination issues.

HR: Alert employees worldwide to policy changes and get documented reports of policy violations including photos.

Management: Get constant reports from the field, encourage cost controls, keep supply chains running, report corruption, capture employee observations and ideas from every level, record employee hours and locations.

Sales and Marketing: Capture marketing content, alert a large team of new opportunities and relay customer feedback instantly.

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