At the heart of our solutions are our secure web-based dashboards with your custom data integrated to fit your needs. Each system connects to one of our mobile app solutions to bring you Real-Time data like never before. Look and see which solution is right for you:

CloseWatch Command

CloseWatch Command provides operational oversight and situational awareness for senior level, emergency management decision makers. This solution is configured for fusion centers and companies that need to manage multiple locations with advanced routing and dispatching capabilities.

    CloseWatch Field

    CloseWatch Field is a sophisticated incident management solution that can be used with any of our Streetlight Series Mobile Apps.  It is easy to use with an intuitive user experience that dramatically simplifies analyzing, routing, and processing of critical information.

    CloseWatch Industrial

    CloseWatch Industrial – Closewatch Industrial is a versatile web-based solution that enables companies to capture critical Real-Time data direct from their frontline employees via any of our FirstHand Series Mobile Apps.

      CloseWatch Visualizer

      CloseWatch Visualizer is a state of the art geo-spatial data visualization system that puts complex, difficult to understand data into a real-time, web browser-based display that is profoundly simple to use, yet extraordinarily powerful.  Big data is better understood when visualized…Plain and simple!