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Education Safety Solutions

Take Control with Anonymous Tips, Two-Way Communication and Mass Notifications

Better Information for Better Outcomes

What if your students were silently notified of an active shooter with a map of their location? Or students sent the anonymous tip that stopped that shooter from ever entering your school with a weapon?

What if you received photos of a car and a suspect within minutes of a child being abducted nearby. And reporting a sighting was as easy as replying with your gps location?

That’s the world made possible by Zeteky’s Torch App and CloseWatch Dashboard.

The world we live in is dangerous. Fast, streamlined communication for school systems is no longer optional, it’s fundamental safety, and the cornerstone of proactive tragedy prevention.

Protect your schools, colleges and universities with a system for location-based mass notifications and anonymous tips, through instant two-way communication with students, parents and faculty.

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The Power to Be Proactive

The power to prevent violence, tragedy and abuse is in the hands of every student, teacher, parent and administrator. With the Torch App and CloseWatch Dashboard, standing up for what’s right is as easy as sending a location, message, photos, audio or video from your mobile device.

It’s safe and anonymous for parents and students of all ages to send a tip, anytime, anywhere.

In just a few short years of use in select cities, anonymous school-related tips have stopped students from entering schools with weapons, led to the arrest and conviction of a predatory teacher and saved countless young lives.

It only takes a second to prevent a tragedy by reporting: bullying, drugs, weapons, vandalism, theft, abuse, suspicious activity, mental health crises, and more.

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