Advanced Monitoring for Your Venues on a Global Scale

Our custom software solutions provide sports, concert promotion and entertainment production companies of all kinds with Real-Time data in a way they have never used before. It also gives your organization the ability to have direct, real-time media rich, two-way communication directly with your employees, supervisors, management, contractors and vendors.

What if every one of your employees had a custom-branded mobile app that allowed them to report safety violations, hazardous situations or even suspicious activities at your facilities in Real-Time? Now there is a digital record with a timestamp that allow you to see exactly what is happening in your operations from anywhere on the globe. Tips can include gps location, images, video, and audio in over 100 languages. Employees can be notified of critical information in content rich emergency and informational alerts that include links to addition information or for response.

You also have the ability to send Real-Time, geo-located notifications and emergency alerts to all your employees simultaneously.


Here are just a few things that our custom solutions can do for you:

  • Improve efficiency and response times
  • Reduce incidents and injuries
  • Reduce down time and retraining costs
  • Improve reporting for both management and regulators
  • Lower costs

To learn more about how one of our Zeteky solutions can help you, contact us or schedule a demo today.