FirstHand Safety Series

In the energy sector, nothing is more important than a strong EHS/HSE plan which measures and tracks KPIs. Studies have shown that companies that implement EHS/HSE management software systems:

• Improve incident response times
• Prevent potential catastrophic problems
• Effectively report near-miss situations and
• Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metrics by 15-20%

Save Lives & Save Money

The right safety system will save lives and reduce costs. Our FirstHand Safety system is the most advanced and efficient way to receive your critical data in real-time and avoid failure in the field.  And it makes producing safety audit data and reports easier than ever.

The FirstHand system is more than a simple app.  It is the most advanced, comprehensive and customizable electronic capture, analysis and reporting system in the industry.

  • Turn your information gathering into fast electronic capture
  • Eliminate paper and slow responses
  • Immediate gathering and routing of data into true, real-time to EHS/HSE decision makers
  • Include photos and video for faster and more complete knowledge of problems
  • Improve and increase KPI
  • Geo-track and time-stamp exact location of events with global GPS monitoring
  • Receive reports from multiple locations simultaneously
  • Customize with your branding, logos, colors and any internal reporting elements
  • Complete JSA and JHA in seconds
  • Report equipment maintenance, environmental hazards and protective equipment in real time
  • Report stop-loss, lock out/tag out and tool breakage in real-time
  • Manage pre-job inspections
  • Direct, two-way communications from the field
  • Manage permits
  • Quickly distribute documents, forms and reports

Most safety systems are pdf-based and don’t have the ability to analyze your data in Real-Time.

Many companies have reporting mechanisms but they are often slow, require expensive personnel to manually collect data and generate reports, and can take hours or even days to send those reports to management and supervisors.  We have made these processes digital and have increased efficiency by over 90%, eliminating the time cost of clerical staff.

Many software providers claim to have real-time capabilities in their app. However most apps simply generate a pdf. Typically these forms are received via email which just gets caught up in your daily clutter and can easily be overlooked.  Pdf apps are not an efficient way to capture your company’s critical data. Your operations are constantly moving and your reporting system needs to as well.  Our system constantly updates the flow of your data from your employees into your database in true real-time for instant access.

Our objective is to significantly improve EHS/HSE performance metrics by:

  • Measuring safety in real-time
  • Reducing lost time injury rates
  • Increasing direct communication with employees
  • Motivating employees to take more personal responsibility for their actions
  • Positively change employees’ perception of safety in the workplace by improving KPI metrics

In-Field Reporting & Advanced Analytics

The goal of the FirstHand Safety system is to not only measure lagging indicators but to also measure safety performance through leading prevention indicators which can be quantified and aggregated digitally within our system.  The FirstHand and CloseWatch reporting system will:

  • Accelerate the gathering and routing of critical data into real-time
  • Deliver data instantly to an advanced, command and control dashboard for instantaneous response by decision makers
  • Route priority information to multiple managers simultaneously
  • Seamlessly communicate with any employee in real-time through direct messaging
  • Receive and transmit data in over 100 languages for global operations
  • Automatically add locations or change functions in the app seamlessly in real-time with no app downtime
  • Put limits on any employee that doesn’t need access to all information
  • Generate automated reports and analyses within seconds for management and regulatory oversight
  • Eliminate significant overhead cost from manual incident entry

For more information of how the software functions, take a look at our CloseWatch Industrial Dashboards.