Focus Sectors


Zeteky’s mobile apps and web based solutions are force multipliers to accelerate the reporting of critical information from individuals to first responders across a broad range of organizations. Please choose what fits your needs and see how one of our solutions can work for you:


Gives citizens a powerful voice and the security of anonymity to send important information to officials to improve their communities.


Gives soldiers and civilians the ability to immediately report potential terror threats on base or in civilian areas. 

Real Estate

Provides property owners, tenants and maintenance personnel immediate responsiveness on property management and security issues.


Gives management and employees real-time reporting on hazardous situations, site security, fleet management and other industrial issues.


Gives management, employees and the public instant feedback on drug and alcohol abuse, theft and site security issues.

Public Safety

Gives citizens real-time contact with law enforcement to “Say Something” if they “See Something” while remaining anonymous if they choose.


Empowers students, parents and staff to make their schools safer through anonymous reports of bullying, drugs, violence, weapons, abuse and other similar problems.


Gives management and employees faster responses to safety, maintenance and security issues to reduce incidents and costs.


Gives management and employees immediate responsiveness on corporate culture, drug abuse, patient care and similar healthcare issues.