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CloseWatch Field-Command Tip Map

Technology for Your Mission

Support your agency’s mission with the CloseWatch dashboard, your triage center for anonymous crime, school and city tips submitted by Torch app users. The easy-to-use dashboard, backed by the most powerful modern data routing technology, was designed with law enforcement in mind: delivering the data that matters most to your agency while providing a critical communication with your citizens.

Routing the information that matters in minutes.

Quickly translate tips to and from 32 languages automatically. Then route information to take action in moments, using a dashboard customized for the information and interagency communication that matters most to you. Or, start a two-way anonymous chat with the Torch user who submitted the information, to ask necessary follow-up questions without compromising their anonymity.




CloseWatch at Work for You

When a Torch app user submits an anonymous tip, Zeteky’s advanced AI sorts and routes the information instantly to your state’s CloseWatch Command Center. Information is then reviewed by highly-trained veterans and law enforcement personnel that triage tips, then route them based on incident type, location and urgency.

Once vetted and complete, tips are sent directly to your agency’s dashboard through a secure, AWS GovCloud platform that is CJIS compliant, ensuring all information is admissible in a court of law. This process ensures that local law enforcement and government agencies receive accurate intel, saving time and resources.

CloseWatch Field-Command Tip Map
CloseWatch Visualizer-heat map

Zeteky provides fast, easy staff training for every agency using CloseWatch, to ensure you’re tapping into our technology’s full potential: 

  • Generate reports using real-time data and predictive analysis
  • Display any type of analytics needed for real-time reporting
  • Automate reports for sending to supervisors daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Analyze crime trends
  • Create a visual reference of crime within a geographic territory

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