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Harness the Power
of Your People

Despite the best efforts of law enforcement, cities and other government agencies, people don’t share critical information with the authorities. We’re afraid of using existing channels where we’ll be recorded, identified with caller ID and before they’re sure of an actual emergency.

Reporting information before it’s an emergency is a hassle, and reporting a dangerous situation makes you a target. Even if you take the risk, there’s still no secure way to send a photo or video to authorities through today’s existing channels such as 911.

We have tried to condition our nation with the term, “See Something, Say Something,” but there hasn’t been an easy way to do that, until now. Give your citizens a voice and the promise of anonymity with Torch.


Impact Fueled By Technology


The Torch mobile app is a national standard of reporting crime, city issues and school problems through an easy-to-use app for citizens. With real-time, two-way communication, government agencies can send location-based alerts during emergencies, or request additional tip information from anonymous sources in order to take action, obtain warrants and build court cases.

The Closewatch Dashboard for agencies works with the Torch app to streamline your non-911 tips and 311 services. As your community sends text, video and photo tips, they’re delivered to your Closewatch Dashboard where advanced AI routes information to the local agency most equipped to handle it.

More than a decade was spent working with members of law enforcement, the FBI, DHS, and the U.S. Military to develop this anonymous, information collecting and routing technology, implemented with a non-government marketing approach. Since its launch in select cities, Torch has quickly become the most successful crime-stopping program in existence: 

  • The Torch app has received over 20,000 anonymous tips in Texas alone.
  • Tips have led to more than $50,000,000 in seizures of cash, narcotics and property in just two cities over 2 years.
  • The Torch app has been responsible for taking numerous drug dealers, sexual predators and other threats to public safety off the streets of every city we are in.

Critical, Two-Way Communication

Torch is a simple app that allows citizens to anonymously submit a text, photo or video tip instantly in three categories:

Report theft, assault, drugs, weapons, corruption, suspicious activity, terrorism, human trafficking and more.
Report bullying, drugs, weapons, vandalism, child abuse, suspicious activity, mental health crisis and more.
Report potholes, water issues, animals, trash, parking violations, gas leaks, power issues and more.

Harness the power of two-way, location-based alerts to send up to 50 million notifications per minute, and receive informative replies, for emergencies including:
  • Two-way Amber Alerts
  • BOLO Alerts with two-way chat
  • Advanced warning system for:
    • Crisis situations
    • Active shooters
    • Natural disasters

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