Government Agencies

Harness the Power of the People

Law enforcement and government agencies across the nation rely on vital public information to make our world a safer place. Social Media is a vast potential source of intelligence but is too massive to police it all. Undocumented immigrants are disproportionally victims of crime but are afraid to report it. Mobile device pictures and video routinely capture extradinary criminal activities but 911 cannot receive it. Citizens are often fearful of reporting because of the potential risk to their personal safety.

Now, there’s a way to address all of these challenges.

Since 2015, our technology has generated more than $50,000,000 in seizures of drugs, property and cash from more than 20,000 anonymous tips in just two Texas city deployments.

Empower your citizens to become a proactive intelligence source for opioid use, drug trafficking, gang activity, terrorism, human trafficking, school bullying and safety, smuggling, sex crimes, child abuse, corruption, city maintenance issues.

Establish real-time two-way anonymous sources and notify the public with content rich emergency and informational alerts with Zeteky solutions.

Explore Our Solutions

CloseWatch Series

Our public app that allows citizens to send anonymous text and photo tips reporting a crime, incident or threat. Tips are based in three categories (Crime, City or School) and routed to your agency’s dashboard when they’re relevant to your service and location.


The most robust data capturing and routing software ever created. Our dashboards can capture any type of data including media and location on a global scale.

The Tools to Say Something

What good are vigilant and aware citizens if they’re afraid to reach out to authorities through today’s existing channels? The public is fearful of being labeled and doesn’t want to deal with the potential repercussions of the current reporting paradigm.

911 is a system that was created to be REACTIVE, while Zeteky was created to be PROACTIVE by gathering anonymous information before a problem becomes an emergency requiring 911.

Our simple solutions are powered by advanced AI. When citizens use our apps to submit a crime, school or city tip, it’s instantly routed to the closest agency best equipped to handle it.

The Zeteky platform is the most robust and comprehensive in modern security and operates in three ways:

  • Anonymous incident reporting
  • Information management and routing
  • Advanced two-way mass public safety notification

Our dashboard and apps took more than 10 years to develop with a team of developers and engineers working directly with former members of the FBI, Homeland Security, military, local law enforcement and local governments. This is exactly what government agencies need, because they helped to create it. And it will change your world.