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Torch is a mobile app developed to anonymously report a crime, a school incident or a city problem in just seconds. When you see something and want to say something, Torch is your voice.

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Launching in select states November 2017.

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Empower the People

It’s not enough to stay vigilant and be aware of what’s happening around us. Citizens need a way to take action. The power to prevent tragedy, terrorism and crime is right in our hands.

Still, too many of us live in fear of saying something, sounding an alarm or reporting something suspicious before it’s an actual emergency. It’s time to empower the people out on the street, and in the world, to report crime and suspicious activity without the fear of retaliation.

Send a location, message, photos, audio or video anonymously, right from your mobile device.

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One Tip Can Protect Your World

Getting your tip to get to the right people is fast and simple with three main categories:


Report theft, assault, drugs, weapons, corruption, suspicious activity, terrorism, human trafficking and more.


Report bullying, drugs, weapons, vandalism, child abuse, suspicious activity, mental health crisis and more.


Report potholes, water issues, animals, trash, parking violations, gas leaks, power issues and more.
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Real-Time Alerts

Torch has the ability to receive notifications in emergency situations. Unlike traditional Amber Alerts, Torch notifications give you the ability to reply if you have information that can help.


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Why Torch

Since 1886, a torch has stood in the New York Harbor, standing tall as a symbol of liberty for our nation. Across the world, torches burn in the hands of athletes as they carry the Olympic flame. Today, as citizens, each of us has the power to shine a light in the darkness and guide one another to safety by passing the torch of information.

Be the Torch in your community.


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