Public Safety

The Zeteky CloseWatch app and dashboard technologies provide law enforcement and first responders with a powerful tool which increases their responsiveness to all citizens. Several cities and counties have already deployed Zeteky’s Closewatch reporting system in their police and sheriff’s departments for the immediate, anonymous and two-way real-time reporting of crime, school, and municipal problems.

State governments can use the Zeteky system to coordinate all of their first responders state-wide to maximize efficiency and accelerate their response time to potentially dangerous events.

Zeteky’s real-time, two-way communication with media capabilities are unmatched in their ability to send emergency and informational notifications to CloseWatch3 app users. And unlike now outmoded Amber Alerts, these content rich notifications give app users the ability to reply with essential information which can help first responders with images, video, map locations of threats, and links for citizens to respond with more information.

The Zeteky reporting system is the solution which gives citizens the powerful voice they need and the anonymity they want to send important information to government officials and agencies to improve their communities.

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