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A True Real-Time EHS/HSE
Safety Reporting System

The Most Advanced Solution to Capture and Manage Data


Watch our short video to see the dashboard in action and sign up above to learn more about real time safety reporting and data management.

An easy-to-use and fully customized reporting system:

  • 100% electronic data collection and delivery
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Immediate gathering and routing of critical safety data
  • Create automated safety analyses and reports
  • Receive and transmit data in over 100 languages for global operations
  • Improve KPI results
  • Complete JSA and JHA in seconds
  • All data geo-tracked and time-stamped with global GPS
  • Proven on both iOS and Android 

Real Time Safety Reporting Management by FirstHand

Receiving your critical safety data in real-time is your best way to avoid failure in the field.  The FirstHand system is more than a simple app. It is the most advanced, comprehensive, electronic capture, analysis and reporting system in the industry.

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Paper observation cards are obsolete.  Most apps are pdf-based and don’t report in real-time.  

Many software providers claim to have real time capabilities in their app.  However most apps simply generate a pdf which can only tell you about that moment in time.  Pdf apps are not real-time.  Your operations are constantly moving and your reporting system needs to as well.  Our system constantly updates the flow of your data from your employees into your database in true real-time for instant access. 



Our objective is to significantly improve EHS/HSE performance metrics by:

  • Measuring safety in real-time
  • Reducing lost time injury rates
  • Increasing direct communication with employees
  • Motivating employees to take more personal responsibility for their actions
  • Positively change employees’ perception of safety in the workplace by improving KPI metrics


To keep employees truly safe and satisfy OSHA electronic reporting requirements, a complete system is needed:

  • Electronically collect information from the field quickly and efficiently
  • Deliver that data directly and immediately to whomever you designate
  • Eliminate slow data collection, overwhelming paperwork and excess staff
  • Route priority information to multiple decision makers simultaneously
  • Easily generate the Job Safety/Hazard Analysis reports that your customers demand
  • Seamlessly communicate with any employee in real time through direct messaging
  • Include photos for faster and more complete knowledge of problems
  • Geo-track exact location of events
  • Easily generate detailed reports for OSHA compliance and management oversight

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