Streetlight Series

Company-wide incident reporting just got easier. You can now save time and money while potentially preventing on-site incidents in Real-Time with our Zeteky Streetlight Series apps.

These apps are fully customizable and allow you to open up Real-Time communication channels between management and your customers or company personnel. Add your own splash screen for branding and publish directly to your own app store. Collect critical data via text messages, pictures, video, and audio while also collecting GPS location and time stamps for all incidents. Two-way chat features direct real time communication with media sharing to share photos or video of corrective actions. Chat also supports GPS locations for reporting multiple potential trouble spots.

A key feature of all the Zeteky apps is their ability to send out media rich emergency and informational alerts. Storm warnings include animated radar maps and the position of the threat relative to the position of the app user! Customers and personnel can be notified of upcoming events with the location. Alerts support formatted HTML for extra emphasis and styling. Alerts can include links to videos or documents with important additional details. App users can respond if they have additional information.

All of the data collected from app users is captured by one of our CloseWatch web-based dashboards. Here you can quickly assign and analyze data as needed to make the right decisions for your organization. Reports can be scheduled for automated distribution to appropriate receiver groups. Reporting and message distribution is integrated with Microsoft Office and Teams for ease of integration into existing corporate software systems.

Speak with one of out team members to get a full demo and see how these solutions will work for you.

Take a look at our web-based dashboards to see how visualizing your data will help you run a more efficient organization.