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Billy Lowery

Enterprise Sales

Billy was the founder and CEO of an educational, nonprofit organization for 25 years which reached over five million people throughout North, South, and Central America. As the CEO, Billy successfully enlisted support from large corporations such as Southwest Airlines, Walmart, Cinemark Corporation, Home Depot, Office Depot, and numerous private foundations. Billy created and implemented the programs and presentations that were designed to maximize human performance in both the personal and business life of the participants. From the cities and jungles of South America, towns and cities throughout America, to the frozen Eskimo villages of far western Alaska, Billy has been recognized by governors, lieutenant governors, mayors, CEO’s, school district superintendents, and top law enforcement officials for his efforts.

He took the skillset he developed in creating that successful organization and parlayed it into a keen ability to build and lead a highly motivated, profit producing sales team for one company, then went on to assist other organizations in developing their sales programs, build and retain client relationships, and attract investors.

Billy has achieved success in outside sales by demonstrating both functional and business value for enterprise level, cyber security/incident response technology, forensic investigation software and, commercial equipment for various markets. He was able to produce a 4200% ROI with one initiative that attracted and closed new logo business in less than 30 days. In another vertical, he increased sales 426% year-over-year, overcoming diminished government budgets.

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Billy created and led an independent insurance agency that offered both personal and commercial insurance. He has been recognized for his high sales achievement as well as his customer retainment. After choosing to become part of the Zeteky team, Billy handed his involvement off to family members that still own and successfully operate the agency utilizing the sales and retainment processes he created.