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Clint Mooney

Sales and Business Development

Clint Mooney, an Atlanta, Georgia native, is a second-generation sales and marketing communications executive with extensive experience developing nationwide programs that drive business growth. An accomplished desktop publisher at the age 20, Clint managed a national ad campaign for a large after-market automobile accessory company. He was instrumental in growing revenue from $850K to more than $15 million in sales within a 3-year period while managing a $1m+ marketing budget.

Over the last 18 years, he has become a seasoned expert in business development and sales strategy in a number of verticals with businesses of many sizes after managing his own boutique marketing agency since 1997.

Many recognizable and successful national brands such as Belgard Hardscapes, Dish Network, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Pike Nurseries to various equipment manufacturers are among the list of well-respected brands he has worked with in one vertical alone.

As an outside sales executive and leader, Clint consistently closed 300K per quarter with another client while creating a strategic sales and marketing plan for the rest of the team in an effort to scale the business even further.

With a strong skill set in the personal sales technique, Clint has a well-rounded approach from sales, to marketing strategy, and execution. He has the gift of personal connection, persuasion and the ability to close the deal.